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We are please to work with RHS as ongoing partners, we work in a content creation role for the business, yet are jointly looking at innovatrions in the sector such as beneficial uses of tech and media for impaired individuals.

Experience on demand

Arena Projects is an award winning Project Management and Content Production based practice founded by Ingo Pless FRSA MBPsS. It has clinical origins, yet frequently morphing into Project Management and Events/Media Production roles, Arena consesequently has certified Project Management and even Psychometric services in it’s portfolio. Ingo has won both “Charity of the year” and “Diageo” Media awards.

Ross Smith is the founder of RHS Consultancy.

With over 10 years of experience assisting organisations in changing the way they serve those living with disabilities, Ross is passionate about promoting independence and life progression for people living with impairments.

Fostering Potential In Others

We are disability consultants advising businesses on how to better meet the needs of their disabled customers and employees through understanding and creative, social-oriented thinking.

From private businesses and government organisations, to care homes and schools, RHS Consultancy can help your business become disability confident.


My ethos is to seek potential beyond impairment, both personally and through my colleagues

Ross Smith