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Rawthmells – The RSA

Rawthmells The RSA
Arena produces 360º content linked to some RSA projects, here is Rawthmells.
A 21st century enlightenment coffeehouse Rawthmells, the RSA’s new enlightenment coffeehouse is now open. The space itself, as well as the events and displays within Rawthmells, have been designed to foster the creative thinking and collaborative action needed to address the challenges of the 21st century. Our vision Our vision is for the coffeehouse to be a place where individuals become part of a greater movement for social change. We want it to be a natural home for anyone who wants to change the world, enabling people to connect, share knowledge, collaborate, and build new communities to tackle the social challenges of our time. This is an exciting development in the story of the RSA and I very much hope that the Fellows of the future will look back at the creation of the 21st century enlightenment coffeehouse as a pivotal moment in the RSA’s history.
Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive