Coaching & Psychometrics

Psychometric and Coaching Services.

Performance Coaching

Coaching can be quite simply defined as the facilitation of defined goals.

Goals are fundamental to coaching, yet many prospective clients enter coaching in order to actually set them.

It is not atypical for coaches to work with people who “don’t know what they want, but know they don’t want what is”.

Coaches often describe their practice as helping people attain goals faster than if they had worked alone – a DiSC based model capitalises on a person’s validated profile, to maximise impact from the outset.

Please see a short introduction to DiSC here

Arena offers a free consultation and suggested session plan, sessions are priced at £60 per hour individually, discounted for blocks.

Any Pro Bono spaces shall be publicised here as the site develops.

Performance Management

A psychometric based project management approach adds a valuable, validated, predictive behavioural profiling layer to both individual and team performance management.

Please see DiSC Styles

The approach also has wider benefits in terms of behavioural assessment in recruitment, or benchmarking high performing individuals in roles.

For Project Managers (and Managers), the approach can:

Develop their management styles
 Improve communication
Increase employee engagement
Day rates are commensurate with qualifications and experience, typically £600.

Pro Bono opportunities will be publicised here as the site develops.

Psychometric Profiling

Arena offers an accredited DiSC®  psychometric profiling service.

It is a model of human behaviour that helps people understand “why they do what they do”- it’s hence a behavioural tool, widely validated over 30 years, and predicts situational performance.

DiSC is a very simple, and memorable, model made up of four basic styles of behaviour: Dominance, Influence, Conscientiousness, Steadiness.

An individual’s assessment data provides a wealth of information about their priorities and preferences, strengths and weaknesses.